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Specific: Everything that you do, you need to be specific, because our brain only can quickly pick up and connect to a specific matters. I realise that many are just talking but not dare to be specific, therefore they are not heading to specific destination

Measurable: What measured gets done! I am certain that you have heard of this before. The advantage of having it measurable, you can make adjustment to your action as you go along. If you are behind, DO NOT change your goal post! Change your action!

Actionable: I am amaze how individual minds always to find the safest, easiest and comfort state of mind. Many would rather propose actions that may not really related to themselves, so that they do not need to do anything! But if you do change at all, how would you expect any different in results.

Realistic: We likes to think Big in everything that we aim to get, that is good. And it is also important to be realistic so that you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. If it is not Realistic, we might not place sufficient effort to reach the destination.

Time-Bound: If we do not date it, or set time frame for ourself, we will know how to prioritise and we will tend to work and work but never feel the need to push to complete it.

Intelligent: This is new to myself too, many times I have set goal, but did not ask this question "Is there another better / smartier ways to do it!" If you research and ask enough peoples, you realise that yes there is more innovative and intelligent ways.

Emotion: Emotion is like the inner forces that keep you driving towards the destination, it is also like the fuel that keep the engine running. Emotion helps to make it more meaningful for you and your team.

Reward: Do not be selfish, every individual like to have some form of recognition and appreciation, rewards for making that progress and achieved it will help you and your team to motivate towards it sooner and even bigger.

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