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Good news is you have the choice - TO DO or NOT TO DO!

Dear fellow friends & coachee, 

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Have you ever think about making any improvement or changes in your life or work?

If you do! That is normal - every human being (as long as your are a life) you will need to change from time to time. There are many reason WHY you will need to change:

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  • You need a better result than now
  • You will be more happier than now
  • You want to create impact to others
  • You inspire to follow other successful peoples
  • Your DREAM....

I can go on and added more to the above lists, but what exactly is yours? When I use the word EXACTLY i means it you need to know in specific what do you want? I have heard many of my coachee tell me the following:

  • I want to make more sales
  • I want to be rich
  • I wish that I can be like the person
  • I hope one day I will be happier

Are you in the same position like the above who does not exactly know what they want? I means in specific! Lets follow this simple acronym S.M.A.R.T.E.R

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  • S - Specific; I want to loose weight
  • M - Measurable; 10kg of weight lost is my measureable
  • A - Action-able; I am going to do it by controlling my diet (food intake) and exercise regularly
  • R - Realistic; yes because this is a healthy body mass index
  • T - Time frame - My aim is to achieve it in 3 months
  • E - Emotional state - Stay healthy, happy and productive
  • R - Reward 4 me - to buy a new Macbook Pro RM5K>

As you can see above, it is not so simple just to say it that you would to change or improve. But all must come with CLARITYof mind and decision in order to make it a reality. My simple question to you is - WHAT DO YOU WANT?

DO YOU ABLE TO SEE ANOTHER BETTER YOU? If you can not, you will need help, talk to me THE COACH - I will walk with you or run with you to be where you want to be soonest.

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