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Four Phases Of Change

Truly understand where you are and where you would like to be, before you even start

In previous blog, I have self declared that change is possible, but it does not come easily.

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In a matter of facts,  there four phases of change.

  1. The Energy stage relates to the meta-programs of toward and away from —toward the attractions that we want and away from the aversions that we don’t.
  2. The Decision stage relates to the meta-programs of reflective and action in how we respond to information, events, and people. First we reflect on what’s currently going on and then we take action as we make a decision to do something.
  3. The Creation stage relates to the meta-programs of internal reference and external reference. First we internally reference our matrix structure of meaning frames and create a plan using our know-how knowledge of what to do, then we externally reference the outside world that we live and move in for where and how the action plan will be implemented. 
  4. The Solidifying stage relates to the meta-programs of matcher and mis-matcher. First we perceive by matching for what is similar to the game plan that we designed and noticing and acknowledging what’s working even if in the tiniest bit as we nurture, support, and validate the person who has taken action. Then we mis-match by sorting for differences, what’s not fully congruent with the game plan as we test it out, give feedback, offer ideas for further refinements.

Extracted from "The Axes Of Change" (L. Michael Hall, Ph.D.) Click to download a full write up.

Now that you know how changes take place, but how most individual are taking it? Are they are fully aware if they are still working within their comfort zone? Because truly, most that success happened not within, but outside the comfort zone. If you stay too long, would that be empowering and relevant any longer by the time come? 

Yes, you are right, I really means timely. Well, most person are taking change as a gradual process in his or her life.

The questions is at what speed? It is relatively still valid by the time the person achieved that new CHANGED them? Or after all that happened, they found that the change is no longer needed.

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If you are one of those that not quite satisfy with the result or their change is not happen timely, contact us for idea on how to solve this situation.

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