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Meta Stating Model - By Neuro Semantic


The meta-stating process then involves these seven steps:


  1. Awareness of the present and primary state that needs to be outframed, textured, or meta-stated with some higher resource.
  2. Access a resourceful state that you want to set as your frame or meta-state.
  3. Amplify that state so that it is strong and robust enough to be felt. It’s the feeling of the state that counts.
  4. Apply that state to a primary state or situation
  5. Appropriate it into the life context, environment, or relationship where you want it.
  6. Analyze the result to make sure it is ecological, congruent, and empowering.
  7. Accelerate your actions and behaviors to make this new experience real and practical in your everyday life.

Above are steps in checking our progress.




Back in late 1990s Doug Adams’ name occurred in most of the issues of The Meta-State Journal (1997, 1998). Those monthly journals are now incorporated in the book, Meta-State Magic. Before his untimely death at 38 years old, Doug was a beloved colleague as he contributed his insights and feedback for what has become the Meta-States Model.

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